“Providing thought provoking, powerfully motivating, inspiring,
emotionally gripping literary writings that can leave you
with a REAL life changing experience"
TBL Literary Collection showcases authors that provides inspirational and motivating non-fictional short stories, self help
& personal enhancement CD's, group presentations and educational tools that provides thought provoking messages,
empowers, educates, motivates, spiritually enlightening perspectives which reflects real life situations.

TBL Literary Collection overall intent is to provide spiritual perspectives, observations and illustrations for those (men,
women, youth and children), to overcome hindering barriers, to build up the courage to honestly eliminate hate, learn to
forgive your adversary, truly love yourself and others unconditionally, eliminate self afflicting abuses that may have been
manifested by past abuses, build solid trustworthy committable relationships after the storms and to sow seeds of
* Obstacles, challenges, along with that irritating feeling of hopelessness and how
* they can stunt us if we allow it.
* Eradicating the harboring of ill feelings (hate) from past, present experiences and
* people.
* Eliminate infectious, debilitating mind boggling impositions and ridding excuses
* due to abuse sake or any sake. Regardless of persecutions, trials, tribulations,
* obstacles, struggles or any battle you may face in your life’s journey - be it man or
* woman.
* To become accountable and responsible for our actions.
* And the quest to ultimately embrace that new found courage that you need to find
* your own personal fulfillment and joy, to love yourself, love others unconditionally
* and simple move on AND move forward.

In addition...  This book provides realistic and fundamental faith building principles that
transformed LaDonna McGee into the inspirational true example and the extraordinary
remarkable woman she is today along with a great book study for your organization,
church or home use. Offers a Great Book Study Learn More...
This profound title maybe “LOVE of A Man... LOVE of
A Woman... Did God Forget About Me?” However,
no matter where you might be in life you will simple
be absorbed by this brutally honest, dazzling splash
of humor, stimulating, incredibly moving, transparent
message and find that this book is one of the most
touching and fascinating stories you have read this

Author LaDonna McGee shares her own past
experiences of 6 years of mental and physical abuse
starting at the age of 10, as a back drop or an
example in relation to our own daily and past
challenges. She also shares powerful observations,
fundamental illustrations and perspectives regarding:
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