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11. Question -"What makes the Faith
Shield Evangelizing Garment Pin and its
process different from any other cross
worn on any garment?"

Answer - The Faith Shield garment pin
and its process is a mission not a fad or
niche.  It is a worldwide uniformed effort
with all uniting in accordance of God Word
and biblical teaching. This inexpensive
tool that advertises Christ connects all
Christian as one.  When you see other
devote religions wear various garments
like the Jew kipott upon his head.   You
believe the Jew's devotion is clear and
their is strengthen to his service to his
religion. This is much of the same concept
of the Faith Shield process and mission.

12. Question - "How do I get my Faith
Shield Garment Pins?"

Answer - There are two ways the first is
1. Just sign in on the welcome page and
you will receive your first Holy Spirit Pin.

Click here to order your Holy Spirit
Garment Pins. Generally your pins will be
delivered within 7-10 day (domestically).  
Internationally 10 -14 days SUPS.  You will
also receive a Faith Shield instructions

13. Question - "Do you have to attend a
Faith Shield Evangelizing Workshop in
order to wear the Faith Shield garment

Answer - No! However, it is highly
recommended and encouraged that
anyone wearing the Faith Shield attend a
workshop. Its good to receive all of the
benefits and knowledge the workshop has
to offer. This also include developing
small groups to continue your
evangelizing efforts and support from
participants of your group, to brainstorm
regarding creative ways to save souls for

14. Question - "Do I need to attend a
Faith Shield Workshop in order to learn
the Faith Shield process."

Answer - No not at all.  You may acquire
a Faith Shield Instructors Guide on your
own accord.  Learn the Faith Shield
process at your own pace in your own
time.  Share with your church,
organization, family and friends.  It is
merely up to you.

15. Question - "How long is the Faith
Shield Workshop?"

Answer - That may depend on how the
you structure your Faith Shield Workshop.
You may be as creative as you desirer.    .
 I have done a presentation in 2-4 hours,
or you may break segments for hours
once a week basically 2 hours per
segments.  Nevertheless, your
participants can start evangelizing
immediately, be creative.
16. Question - Must the Faith Shield
Workshop be presented in our  church

Answer - "It is always encouraged
however, we encourage you to be as
creative as possible to make your
experience enjoyable for you and your
participants.  Try a restaurant, a park,
your backyard.  Be creative! Just think
about it outsiders will be listening.
Remember you will be going out to

17. Question - "Is the Faith Shield
process expensive?"

Answer - No not at all. We feel your
contribution of $5.99 for a Faith Shield
Garment Pin is reasonable. One
workshop guide may teach thousands.
However, you may obtain discounts.  
Click here

18. Question - "Is the Faith Shield
Workshop extensive and only for the
season Christians?"

Answer - No! In fact the Faith Shield
workshop was designed for all
Christians seasoned or new believers.
You may utilize this program in the
church or in the home.  In general the
workshop is design for participant
interaction and fun.  You receive the
concept of evangelizing and tips on
sharing Christ with others and inviting
anyone to your church.  This is one
step towards saving souls with ease!

19. Question - "Why should I listen to
the Faith Shield Instructors CD?"

Answer - The Faith Shield Instructors
CD is provided to you for the purpose
of listening to the Faith Shield process
instead of reading it, for more insight.  
However, the Instructors guide
provides other great tips, tactics and
techniques and tools you may utilize.  


1. Question - How long will the affects
of the workshop last on the believer

Answer - This workshop is designed
from the stand point of setting it up from
the beginning to a continued learning

2. Question - Can anyone teach or
study from the commentaries view?

Answer - Biblical principles and
scriptures for each lesson is explained
for those who are presenting the
lessons with examples for many of these

3. Question  - Is there a guide to help
with setting up the workshop?

Answer - There is section just for
setting the tone and your work shop
preparation. From what supplies to
different location ideas, the duration of
the pre-workshop and the workshop
itself. These and more are in the Faith
Shield Evangelizing Workshop
paperback or downloadable ebook.

4. Question - Why is raising the
commitment level important?

Answer - Faith Shield Evangelizing
Workshop helps the students to raise
their level of commitment for the service
of your church vision and goals by
learning the Kingdom Process. Jesus
taught an activation principle showing
how to activate your faith. You have
faith, but is it activated.

Answer - For your visions, dreams and
goals for whatever you choice in life.

5. Question - How many steps are
there to activate your faith?

Answer - There are 7 steps to activate
your faith.

Galatians 3:14 -

Mark 4:26 -

Proverbs 18:21-22 -
DEATH and LIFE is in the POWER of the

Matthew 17:20, Mark 11:23-24,
Luke 17:6 -

James 1:6-7; Mark 11:23 -

Matthew 9:21; Ezekiel 37:7; Matthew
- Great Faith Examples:

Hebrews 10:23 -
“Let us hold fast the confession…

6. Question  - How is the process of
becoming fishers of Men taught?

Answer -
It is taught in 6 segments. The first is
shown in people more and
building relationships. This is also done
in 5 minutes conversations we have with
people every day, when the Holy Spirit
gives the opportunity.
Principle #1- Build Relationships
Principle #2 - Mission
Principle #3 - Spiritual Approach
Principle #4 - Relational Awareness
Principle #5 - Evangelizing Strategies
Principle #6 - Personal Strategies

7. Question - How will I know when I
should talk to people I met?

Answer - By working in conjunction with
heaven, learning to tune your hearing to
hear the voice of the Holy Spirit when
you gives you suggestions. Being
natural in normal conversations and an
opening will present itself to ask a
couple of questions to see which
direction you should take.

8. Question - How will I know the
difference in the voices in my head?

Answer - Usually the Holy Spirit is the
first voice I personally hear, but when we
tuned the suggestions of fleshly or evil
intent we may not hear His voice first.

First, is the thought good in the eyes of
the Lord, if yes the possibilities can be
good. More training on this subject is
suggested in the “Tuning your Ears to
Hear” commentary.

9. Question - What happens when the
workshop is over, how to you track your

Answer - With goal setting and small
groups meetings, planning will continue
the process for the best results. This will
help to grow in perfecting the tactics and
techniques learned.

10. Question - Why do I need to tune
my hearing to hear the Holy Spirit?

Answer - Just speaking logically man
has never made a blade of grass, can’t
heat a fire as hot as the equator, has
never made anything biological. God
wants to help us with every step we take.
It is best to have a guide in everything
we do if possible, until we get it right.

The Holy Spirit shall teach you all
John 14:26 - - -
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